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About Us

Santa Fe Need and Deed (SF Need and Deed) is a dynamic, grass-roots, non-profit organization that helps homeless and near-homeless* adults in Santa Fe City and County. We are apolitical and have no religious affiliation.

Yet, we feel strongly that we do our best when we operate from our hearts.

Our group has volunteers and board members who are homeless or formerly homeless. We believe this is extremely important for any organization advocating for the homeless. It is important to know the issues of homelessness directly from those who once experienced or are currently experiencing it. For a list of our Board Members, click here.

We have weekly meetings at Westminster Presbyterian (PCUSA) on Monday afternoons beginning at 2:00 PM.

Our Monday Meetings provide:

  • free hot meals
  • free clothing, tents, blankets, sleeping bags (when available)
  • free canned goods; specifically canned meat and protein drinks (when available)
  • Hygiene Bags (include toilet paper, soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, etc.)
  • A Resource Table with a comprehensive Resource Guide as well as applications and pamphlets for numerous agencies in Santa Fe
  • A Circle of Compassion Support Group open to all
  • Guest Speakers who are experts in their fields. For example, Affordable Housing in Santa Fe, open dialogues with Santa Fe Police, Disability Advocates, etc.

Our “circle of compassion” is made up of Client-Friends, volunteers and community members who openly dialogue about issues of homelessness. We sit down together to discuss what help is needed and how it can be provided. We operate from a context of caring and respect. We don’t tell someone what to do; we ask them what they need and then recommend ways to get help. If the Client-Friend regularly attends our Monday Meetings, SF Need and Deed may provide bus or shower passes, cell minutes, or gas vouchers.

Our organization also provides a Mentorship program which matches screened homeless adults with screened Mentors. Mentors may provide a listening ear, transportation, help coordinating medical appointments, help with a resume, or help signing up for social services. Mentors usually work alongside a comprehensive case manager from one of the Social Service Agencies in Santa Fe. Client-Friends are also asked to attend Financial Literacy Classes provided by Guadalupe Credit Union. Our Mentors are in it for the long-haul. Mentors may work with a Mentee for as long as two years.

We have an “outer circle of compassion” too. These are folks who either can’t or don’t choose to attend our meetings, but want to help in some way. They often donate money for specific needs, provide food for our Monday Meetings or help in other behind-the-scenes ways.

If you are moved to help us in any of the ways listed above (and ones we may not have even thought of), click here to email us or visit our Deeds page.

Our organization was Incorporated by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, October 12, 2012.  We received our Internal Revenue Service Tax Exempt 501 c 3 Status, February 28, 2013.

* Our definition of ‘near-homeless’ is someone who is unable to pay their rent/mortgage and has received an eviction notice. Santa Fe Need and Deed knows how important it is to keep people in their homes. We know through a number of statistics that once you lose your home it is extremely difficult to get into another one.

Santa Fe Need and Deed Board Officers and Members

Martin Ban (Board Member) Senior Pastor at Christ Church – Santa Fe, a PCA Presbyterian denomination. Martin has made a strong commitment personally and through his Church congregation towards community outreach in Santa Fe as well as internationally. He and his Staff have helped by embracing and financially supporting Need and Deed since its inception.

Walt Borton (Board Chair) Walt is an advisor for national and international firms in media and public relations, political management, business and education. He has worked for clients as diverse as the Fine Art Dealers Association of America, the National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in the UK, Xerox Corporation Central and Nissan Motor Corporation USA. In 2008 and 2012 he managed successful re-election campaigns for a Santa Fe City Counselor and has served in this same capacity for campaigns in the US Congress.

Loretta Garcia (Board Member) is a certified nursing assistant in Santa Fe. She originally came to our group as a consumer and has worked to greatly improve her life. She actively works on behalf of our organization to help others who are homeless and on the streets. She is a tireless promoter of our group and knows intimately the social services available in the Santa Fe area.

Martha Hamblen (Executive Director) of Santa Fe Need and Deed. Martha’s experience as a news anchor, commentator and reporter as well as her time in corporate media relations, public relations, speech writing and as a business owner have helped her develop the foundation for Santa Fe Need and Deed. It was Martha’s ‘time on the Street’ that gave her the hard-earned empathy and understanding necessary to see more clearly the complexities involved in being homeless or near-homeless.

Diane Sandoval (Board Treasurer) for Santa Fe Need and Deed and the liaison to our business partner, Guadalupe Credit Union, in Santa Fe. She is a Financial Counselor at the Credit Union and works in a pro bono capacity with our consumers to help them with budgeting and financial literacy.

Linda Siegle (Vice-Chair) is President of Resources for Change, a government relations and lobbying firm. As a lobbyist, she has 28 years of experience working with the New Mexico Legislature and other governmental agencies. She is a publicly elected member of the Board of Trustees for Santa Fe Community College. She has served as a member of the board of Santa Fe United Way, Women Health Services and Coming Home Connections. Linda was a founding board member and former president of the Human Rights Alliance. She has been a resident of New Mexico for 31 years.

Bethany Whaley (Board Member) originally a Santa Fean, Bethany now resides in Austin, TX. While in Santa Fe she worked as a Mentor and a loyal volunteer for Monday Meetings and on the Executive Committee.