“Attitude of Gratitude” Jan02


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“Attitude of Gratitude”

Kudos to the residents of Santa Fe’s Villa Alegre and Campo Alegria!   These wonderful Seniors banded together and decided to make a difference for our Homeless Community.

Since September, John Quintana of Villa Alegre has spearheaded a holiday drive to benefit the homeless.   He approached any willing resident to make up a small hygiene kit with the promise that the kit would be given directly to someone in need.

And LOOK what they did.  Magdalena Bubuljak and John presented  us with two huge boxes overflowing with the most thoughtful combination of hygiene products, hats, gloves and other necessities.

At the beginning John states, “I have no idea how successful this project will be, but I do know it will have a positive impact on the participating residents and on the people receiving the donations”.

“Attitude of Gratitude” hangs on the door at the Villa Alegre Senior Center and that is exactly what we have for all the residents of Villa Alegre and Campo Alegria.  Gratitude.