Free Financial Coaching from Guadalupe Credit Union

We are so appreciative that Financial Counselor Diane Sandoval, from our community partner the Guadalupe Credit Union, took the time to discuss the services they offer to people with low income and difficult financial situations in our Monday Meeting.

GCU GuideHere are some highlights from what Diane discussed.

Guadalupe Credit Union aids low-income individuals, minorities and people who have had unsuccessful experiences with corporate banks by offering a variety of resources and one-on-one financial coaching. The program helps individuals develop a budget, build credit, and even assists clients in collecting benefits. GCU will work on client’s behalf and can negotiate with utility companies and other bills if needed. GCU works with people in varying financial situations, and they encourage anyone to come in for a consultation.

This program is free to those who attend Need and Deed

Several times a month Need and Deed hosts guest speakers to discuss relevant topics. If you would like to be a guest speaker or would like more information, email