Prepare Food for Weekly Meeting Feb10


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Prepare Food for Weekly Meeting

Regular food preparers for our Monday meetings needed. We are looking for a rotation of 6 – 8 people who can make ready-to-eat food that would feed anywhere between 20 and 45 people at each meeting. Here are suggestions of food that would work best:

  • a large pot of soup, chili or stew
  • bread and sandwich meat or cheese
  • chicken or tuna salad
  • pizzas

Our meetings have grown beyond the ability of just a couple of people donating the food on a regular basis. We’re hoping to share that responsibility over a larger group. Click here to use our contact page to let us know if you are willing to prepare food for our group.

It could also be a one-time donation of food. Or you could go together with friends or family and make a meal. Whatever works best for you. Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated!