Mentors-Powerful Allies for Santa Fe Homeless Feb20


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Mentors-Powerful Allies for Santa Fe Homeless

Santa Fe Need and Deed mentors are folks who volunteer to provide 1:1 assistance to the homeless individuals who are part of Santa Fe Need and Deed programs.

Mentorship has proven a very effective method of providing support to many people in need because for the most part, mentors are not associated with agencies and institutions that may put off those who need the support the most.

In many cases mentors are peers who have knowledge of or personal experience with the issues prevelant in the lives of those they are supporting.

Mentors are chosen from all walks of life and need only to have a sincere desire to devote time and energy to improving the life of another.

So what do mentors do with their mentee? Some examples:

  • Walking along side someone who is hurting.
  • Listening over coffee.
  • Transportation to appointments.
  • A walk in the park.
  • Providing space from life’s challenges.

What are the requirements to become a mentor?

  • Willingness to work with a fellow human being in need.
  • Patience to help those in need.
  • Pre volunteer drug test.
  • Pre volunteer background check.
  • Ability to put your own problems and issues aside in order to become an advocate in the life of another.

Santa Fe Need and Deed will provide:

  • 4-6 hours of training
  • Conscious, careful matching between mentor and mentee.
  • Ongoing support, including professional therapeutic intervention if needed.

If you are interested in giving a part of yourself to help another, please click here to contact Santa Fe Need and Deed .