The Things We Take For Granted Dec02


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The Things We Take For Granted

The Things We Take For Granted
Others Are Praying For

Simple yet so fundamental, Santa Fe Need and Deed provides to those less fortunate that which we take for granted all year ’round.

Please help us continue our work. Give now.

$ 100.00 will feed 10 Santa Fe homeless neighbors a hot nutritious meal, provide clothing, a bus pass, a food voucher, and a caring community. We will take each dollar and stretch it to the max.

Click here to donate via PayPal, where you are also able to easily set up a recurring donation that will help us all year long.

Or, you may write a check and send it to:
PO Box 23252
Santa Fe, NM 87502

The things you take for granted others are praying for.

Blessings this Holiday Season

Your Neighbors Thank You



Santa Fe Need and Deed is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of New Mexico
We welcome your donations and your prayers
Volunteers always welcome, too