Update: Bus & Shower Passes Jun18


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Update: Bus & Shower Passes

Bus and shower passes will now be available at the Interfaith Shelter on Cerillos Road in the former Pete’s Pets building. Santa Fe Need and Deed has arranged to distribute these every Tuesday beginning at 10:15 AM. As before, they are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individuals are limited to one (1) shower pass and one (1) city bus pass per person.
The City bus passes are valid for one month’s travel within the City of Santa Fe.

The shower passes are good for use at these community center locations:
  1. Salvador Perez Park & Pool  [click here for a map]
  2. Fort Marcy Recreation Complex [click here for a map]
  3. Genoveva Chavez Community Center [click here for a map]

The shelters in Santa Fe no longer fund this basic need due to a simple lack of revenue. Santa Fe Need and Deed has stepped in to bridge this gap. We are always seeking sponsors for this crucial need. Having ready access to transportation and an option for staying clean helps people in need maintain basic dignity and freedom. Many who come to Santa Fe Need and Deed simply have no other transportation. A City bus pass gives them a way to get to Doctor’s appointments, to job interviews, and saves so much valuable time where the only other option is to walk. If you would like to become a sponsor for this program, please click here to email us directly or call (505) 920-2227.

Santa Fe Need and Deed remains thankful for the ongoing sponsorship from Christ Church Santa Fe. We appreciate the use of their space for our weekly meetings, as well as other contributions they continue to make.

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