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Resource Guide

This is our new and improved resource guide book. Should you have any questions or updates, please email us at HELP@SANTAFENEEDANDDEED.COM

Click here for the PDF version of the Resource guide

For instructions on printing see below

Would you like to see this guide fully translated into another language? Or perhaps a printed version would better serve your organization? To facilitate this, please consider donating directly to such efforts. Santa Fe Need and Deed is actively seeking translation services as well as funds to have this guide professionally printed. To offer revisions or additions please click here to contact Santa Fe Need and Deed now.


Printing Help

Our resource guide is best viewed online. If you would like to print copies from the PDF, please follow the steps below:
1. click the “here” link above to open the PDF in your browser. The file has many pages so it may take a moment to load depending on the strength of your internet connection.

2. after the PDF has loaded in your browser, select the “printer” icon, or go to your browser’s printing option and select “print…”

3. In the dialogue box:

  •      Select your printer from the drop-down menu if it does not immediately appear
  •      Select your paper size (standard paper size is 8.5×11″)
  •      Select either “landscape” or “horizontal” from the paper orientation segment
  •      Under the Layout segment (this may be in a drop-down menu) enter or select 2 pages per sheet

4. If you would like the pages printed on both sides of the sheet, select the Layout segment from the dialogue box, and select “two sided printing”. Please note that not all printers are set up for this option. If your printer is not able to print double sided this option will not appear, or you will be unable to select it

5. If you wish to only print certain pages of the PDF, select “pages” from the print dialogue box, and enter the pages you wish to print. Be sure to separate each page number with a comma

6. Select Print