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11 Top Top Of Stairs Wall Decor Gallery

Abstract Orange Wall Art Decor Stairs Geometric Modern Etsy
Abstract Orange Wall Art Decor Stairs Geometric Modern Etsy

The staircase performs a significant position in feng shui because it strikes chi vitality to completely different ranges of the house. Inauspicious staircases disrupt the stability and concord of chi vitality and have an effect on areas of your life.

Fundamental Feng Shui Ideas for Stairs

There are lots of feng shui suggestions for stairs. The fundamental ones might help you keep away from inauspicious chi and promote auspicious chi vitality touring from the entrance door up the steps to the following flooring stage.

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Find out how to Paint a Staircase Carpeting on Stairs

If carpeting stairs, keep away from pink carpeting because it attracts misfortune. The colour pink is related to the hearth ingredient. This brings an unsettling, fiery vitality dashing up the steps and scorching all the pieces in its path. This may deliver a lack of wealth, well being and even relationships.

Gentle It Up

Ensure the staircase is nicely lit to information the chi vitality to the higher stage. Including uplighting alongside the touchdown is a superb method to entice auspicious chi to proceed to the following flooring. A crystal chandelier can be utilized within the lobby as the popular overhead lighting. The crystals and light-weight will disperse chi vitality up the steps and all through the remainder of the home.

Railings and Newel Put up

Feng shui guidelines and tips are sensible, so the feng shui rule for railings, spindles and newel posts can also be one in all security. In case your staircase has shaky or lacking balusters/spindles, restore them instantly.

Add Touches of Artwork

Improve auspicious feng shui on the stair partitions with artwork and images that repeat the colours assigned to that sector. Feng shui guru Lillian Too advises including an image or two of a feng shui good luck image on the staircase touchdown.

Create Vertical Strains

You possibly can incorporate vertical traces by way of using artwork, artwork objects, architectural options and different designs to draw the chi vitality farther up the steps.

You should utilize work of bushes, tall buildings or different topic issues with vertical traces. You should utilize outsized tall pottery that creates vertical traces to help the chi vitality in its stand up the staircase. Place a set of three various sizes of ceramic vases in a staircase wall area of interest or alongside a touchdown. Use tall plumes of feathers or tall floral preparations/crops so as to add extra top.
Ideas for Feng Shui Staircase Issues with Cures

Many staircase designs and placements are inauspicious and must be prevented. There are cures for current staircases that may be utilized.

1. Feng Shui of Stairs Dealing with Entrance Door

The commonest feng shui drawback is a staircase that’s immediately reverse the entrance door. Chi vitality enters the house and rushes up the staircase, bypassing the remainder of the home. Auspicious chi would not movement by way of the decrease flooring sectors, creating an imbalance. Treatment with a crystal chandelier or multi-faceted crystal suspended between the door and staircase to sluggish and disperse the chi.

2. Stairs in Middle of Residence Siphon Chi

A staircase within the heart of the house will siphon all of the chi out of the house. It is higher to go away the middle space open or place the eating room there. Nevertheless, when you’ve got an current residence with this staircase drawback, you possibly can reduce a few of the damaging results. The middle of the house is dominated by the earth ingredient. Since chi vitality is being depleted with this staircase placement, add earth parts, resembling crystals, pottery, work, and ceramics. You too can add fireplace parts since, within the productive cycle, fireplace creates earth (ash). You need to cut back the wooden and metallic parts. Within the harmful cycle, wooden destroys earth and within the exhaustive cycle, metallic exhausts earth. Maintain this space freed from all muddle to encourage contemporary chi to fill the realm.

3. Spiral Staircases Create an Vitality Whirlpool

The corkscrew form of a spiral staircase creates a whirlpool impact that drains chi vitality. The motion of the spiral staircase resembles that of water cascading in a waterfall. It’s particularly inauspicious when positioned within the heart of the house. You possibly can counter the damaging results of a spiral staircase by including an earth ingredient on the base of the steps. Within the harmful cycle, earth destroys waters. Place a big plant within the spiral base. You should utilize a ceramic container to additional floor the house. Within the exhaustive cycle, wooden exhausts water. The plant is a wooden ingredient. In case your spiral staircase is fabricated from wooden, then the consequences can be weakened. Steel attracts and feeds water, so keep away from this ingredient.

4. Open Risers Drain Chi

Open risers create a sieve impact. The chi vitality can by no means make it to the opposite stage(s) and the household’s wealth is rapidly drained. The treatment for one of these stairs is to surround the house between the risers.

5. Break up Staircases Create Chaos

In feng shui, a break up staircase that includes two flights of stairs, one up and one down catches chi vitality in a flux of chaotic motion, uncertain if it ought to go up or down.

You possibly can information the chi to the primary flooring of your house by utilizing coloration. You possibly can paint the partitions going upstairs a extra outstanding coloration. For instance, if the partitions are a impartial hue, select a pale yellow on the partitions going to the primary flooring. Use gentle to draw chi vitality. Wall sconces and uplighting are two glorious lighting decisions. You possibly can place a potted plant on the base of the primary stairs and one other one on the prime of the touchdown.
6. Bogs on the High of Stairs Are Inauspicious

It’s ill-advised to have a toilet on the prime of the staircase. The chi vitality rushes proper into the toilet. Cures for loos on the prime of the steps embody holding the door shut always and inserting a plant on the prime of the steps. You possibly can droop a multi-faceted crystal between the toilet and the touchdown to disperse the chi vitality.

7. Bogs Beneath Stairs

A half or full tub below a staircase could be very inauspicious. In feng shui, water below the steps negatively impacts the second era’s success. You possibly can considerably treatment this by holding the toilet muddle free, clear and including feng shui parts to counter the inauspicious vitality generated on this room. Add parts of the sector the place the staircase is positioned. For instance, a southeast sector is ruled by wooden, so add wooden parts and colours in your rest room decor.

8. Flooring Cutout Staircases Drain Chi

A staircase resulting in a decrease stage by way of a flooring cutout could be very inauspicious. This creates a gap within the room and the chi vitality actually falls out of the room into the opening. The best treatment is to wall up the staircase space and add a door that may be closed. The subsequent answer is so as to add a railing on alongside the ground line. If this is not possible, place crops alongside the cutout to outline there’s a gap within the flooring. Tall crops are greatest. You may additionally place a tall piece of furnishings, resembling a bookcase or folding display screen to create a fake wall and set a plant on the prime of the steps to outline the steps.

Constructing a New Residence: Feng Shui Ideas for Stairs

It’s miles simpler to keep away from creating inauspicious stairs than it’s to aim a treatment. Once you observe a couple of feng shui suggestions for stairs for brand new residence building, you possibly can make sure you protect and improve the chi vitality in your house. Sectors to Keep away from

There are three sectors which might be greatest to keep away from inserting a staircase.

East: That is your well being sector. A staircase could make your well being go up and down. Southeast: That is your wealth sector. A staircase creates an excessive amount of up and down motion of chi vitality that may introduce volatility to monetary issues. Southwest: That is your love sector. A staircase will make your love life complicated, not understanding whether or not it’s up or down.
Greatest Feng Shui Stairs Designs

The most effective feng shui staircase design has easy guidelines. These embody:

The most effective staircase design is large sufficient for 2 folks to go one another going up and down. The staircase ought to have a delicate curve to the highest flooring. This enables the chi to slowly and naturally make its method to the higher stage, sustaining stability and concord. The house between risers must be strong to help chi vitality. The most effective location for a staircase is alongside an outer wall. Find stairs in a home sector the place inauspicious flying stars are positioned to suppress these unhealthy luck star(s). Do not place a half tub beneath a staircase. As an alternative, create a cleansing provide storage closet.
Stairs and Aspect Ideas

Since staircases occupy a sizeable quantity of house, you need to use them to activate a sector by way of using parts. These parts embody wooden, metallic, and earth.


Wooden staircases are perfect for the east, southeast and south sectors. Keep away from metallic railings on a wood staircase. Steel minimize into wooden and destroys (harmful cycle) it.


This ingredient for a staircase will be positioned within the west and northwest. Within the productive cycle, metallic attracts water, which is the ingredient governing the north.

Concrete, Stone, or Marble

The earth ingredient is right for the northeast and southwest. Within the productive cycle, the earth ingredient creates metallic. Use this ingredient for stairs within the west and northwest sectors. Keep away from utilizing this ingredient within the north sector since earth destroys the water ingredient (harmful cycle). Keep away from utilizing wooden railings since wooden destroys earth within the harmful cycle.

Stairs for Auspicious Feng Shui

Auspicious staircases help the chi vitality to movement by way of your house. Stairs constructed in line with feng shui ideas and guidelines guarantee your house and household will stay in concord.