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Santa Fe Need and Deed encourages and accepts the donation of pro-bono services to help us grow our services to those in need.

Currently we are seeking:

  • Volunteers
    assist at our weekly meeting to help set up the space, provide food, and clean up afterwards
  • Accountants and Attorneys
    who can help us successfully navigate important legal and financial areas
  • Writers
    who can assist us with ongoing updates on this web site as well as social media
  • Photographers
    chronicle our efforts by photographing local area individuals, group activities and other appropriate subject matter

If you are a Doctor, dentist or health care provider who contributes your services to pro-bono or sliding scale clients, please let us know so that we can refer our client-friends to you or to the agency through which you serve.

Please click here to send us a message if you are interested in any of the above.